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Cindy Salas Murphy
Aug 26, 2020
In Health & Safety
What to do if cast or crew becomes sick with symptoms during production: • Begin notifying production teams, but always consider Protected Health Information when reporting · Medical Team · Production HR/Production Executive · Executive Producer · Network Executive • Begin isolation precautions · Medical team to isolate person identified with symptoms · Medical team to begin contact tracing and isolate others in pod · Medical team to conduct testing on person identified · Medical team to conduct testing on others identified in contact tracing • If SARS CoV2 test is negative: · The cast or crew member should remain home until they are well enough to come back to work – when their temperature returns to normal and all symptoms have dissipated for at least 24-hours • If SARS CoV2 test is positive: · Isolate positive tested employee · Consider alternate housing away from cast and crew · Conduct deep cleaning of all workspaces where known positives were working · Daily monitoring from Medical Team by telemedicine visit · Medical Team will determine if individual needs to go to hospital or receive immediate care We are happy to share our experiences and best practices with this forum. The WithHealth team is here to support your needs with testing and clinical care. You can reach out to us through our website at or
Cindy Salas Murphy
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